Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a little update...

Well, I'm a baaaad girl. I started playing WoW again with Tony. I will definitely try to keep posting here more often, but here's how things have been going:

Still vegan (of course)! Tony has been really good, too. He's had meat once in the past couple months. I'm so proud of him! Lately my go-to easy vegan meal is kind of a rice and beans soup. I have been obsessed with lentils and black-eyed peas. So, I've been putting about 2 cups veggie stock, 2 cups water, half a cup to a cup of brown rice, and a can or cup and a half-ish of drained and rinsed beans in a pot. If I use canned beans, I add them later on, because the rice needs to cook for about 45 minutes. I know that seems long, but I just throw it together and leave it. Easy peasy! I usually add some kind of vegetable (or multiple kinds) and shoyu (a type of soy sauce) for a little sodium. It's simple and makes me feel so good! I've found leeks and carrots seem to pair quite well with lentils. Another veggie I use a lot is kale (it's super healthy!).

My favorite fast food is miso soup. For that I heat up water, I crush up some dried wakame flakes (dried seaweed), and throw in cubed tofu and any veggies I happen to have around. When the veggies are soft, I reduce the heat so the soup is no longer boiling and add a teaspoon of miso. Miso comes in little tubs and it will dissolve in the soup, but boiling makes it lose some of its healthy enzymes. Add shoyu to taste, and there you have it! My absolute favorite vegetable to put in miso is daikon. Never heard of it? I hadn't either until recently, but it's so good! It looks like a white carrot and takes a little while to soften up, but it is so worth it! Carrots and celery are great, too. Oh, and kale again.

Hopefully I'll be writing again soon!