Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ok, well, considering everyone that reads my blog already knows that I'm engaged (everyone probably meaning no one with how often I've been updating), it's not really a surprise. Not to mention I'm almost a month late posting this. But uh, yah... I'm still damned excited, and you better be, too! This means a VEGAN WEDDING is in the planning! Green AND vegan. Just to make things extra difficult on myself! Difficult, but perfect with no regrets. I will (hopefully) start updating with my green and vegan wedding finds. I've planned SO much already, I have some blog catching up to do.

I'll start where it all starts: the engagement ring. My dearest Tony Balogna (tofurky balogna, of course!) knows me well. He took me on a surprise trip to Austin for the weekend to propose, and he told me I could choose my ring. GOOD decision, dear. I am picky! I had happened across a ring I liked previously, so I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.

The site we ordered it from is called Simply Wood Rings. They carry very unique handmade wooden rings. I picked out one of the more "traditional" engagement rings (traditional in comparison to some of the other choices). It's made of rosewood from recycled xylophone keys, with a 5mm round blue topaz. Beautiful and eco-friendly! I also fell in love with their poetic description of the ring. They're making it special for me, so I can't wait for it to be done!

Here it is: