Friday, October 15, 2010

Urban Decay: super vegan-friendly!

I'm a little late on this boat as a result of my whole, umm, not posting ever thing, but Urban Decay is too cool to not post about. Around a month ago-ish Urban Decay came out with the most incredibly awesome vegan eye palette. I was stoked because I had recently been checking through every shadow in their other palettes, trying to determine if any were vegan. I was a sad panda because they sure weren't!

The new vegan palette comes with six eyeshadow colors, a small black pencil eyeliner, and one of their eyeshadow primer potions in a pretty champagne color. I think they did a good job of choosing colors that are fun and flattering to pretty much any eye color and skin tone. As with all their palettes, the vegan one comes in a cute little flip open box with a mirror inside and tattoo-type animal art on the cover.

How cute is this?

Urban Decay does not do any animal testing, and they even have a section of their website set aside for vegans. It lists every vegan product they carry. In the stores you can tell the vegan products apart because they put a little paw print by the name.

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