Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little older and a new love

So, my boyfriend is pretty awesome. Totally awesome. Aaaand he always gets me the best gifts. A certain cute vegan I know is about to turn 25 (it's me)! This year he got me the best early birthday present possible for a compassionate animal lover: we adopted our second kitten into our little family. The organization from which we adopted our sweet Cindy Lou (named for her Christmas birthday) saves and fosters companion animals from shelters that would euthanize them. They can only foster so many at a time, so every adoption saves another life from the shelter. That knowledge alone makes my soul super happy, but little Cindy Lou is just the sweetest thing on earth. She is so affectionate and she adores Kitty. Cindy follows Kitty around and mimics her; it's too cute. I love my family :)


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