Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 months vegan!

Silly me... I didn't write down what day I went from vegetarian to vegan. I think I really started doing it unintentionally before I made a conscious decision. Anyhow, I believe it's been about 5 months, so I thought I'd post how things have changed for me. Ok, so a 6 month post would probably make more sense, but I've had this on my mind and couldn't wait!

Physically, I lost a few pounds fairly early on, and I've kept them off. I feel much more energetic, too. I used to feel tired ALL the time, so I'm happy to be rid of that annoyance. Mentally I'm much happier and more confident. It took finding this passion for me to realize that it's more important to be myself and see where that takes me than to try to be the person I think others want me to be. Not everyone will like the crazy vegan and eco-friendly Ev, but that's ok. I like me!

I also found new interests. Before I went vegan, I was going through a weird anti-girl phase. My daily attire consisted of crappy old t-shirts and jeans. I have no job or classes to attend, so I figured there was no point in getting all dolled up. I wore my hair up and rarely bothered with makeup. Now I'm in love with fancy soaps, colorful eyeshadows, henna hair dye, face washes... the whole shabang! The vegan scents are so naturally yummy and uplifting. It probably has something to do with the self-confidence thing, but now I just like to look good for me. I feel pretty! ... I smell damn good, too!

Speaking of intoxicating scents, I also discovered a new love for cleaning! Yes, I LIKE cleaning. It's so much more satisfying when you're inhaling fruit and herb oils rather than harsh chemicals. Somehow, a clean home makes life seem so much less chaotic. I also read an article recently in Body + Soul magazine (I freakin love that magazine) about using cleaning as a meditative practice. It explained how most people hate cleaning because it feels so repetitive. You do it, and things are dirty again the next day. But in the end, it's one of the few things we can really control. As you scrub away, you're guaranteed to find the shiny surface beneath.

The last change going vegan brought about I've mentioned in previous posts. Actually, I'm not sure it's a change as much as getting in touch with something I already cared about -- I decided to try harder and do more for the environment. No more bottles or cans going into the trash at this apartment! My long-term plans have evolved to include owning a clean green home with my man and my kitties one day. I can't wait to plan that out! I'd also like to get more into DIY recycled crafts and stuff, haven't really done much of that yet, though.

All in all, health has gone up to priority one. Both my own and the earth's. I feel more calm and centered, more loving, and just plain more excited about life. Okies, I should try to sleep now. It's far past my bedtime!

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