Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spiral Diner

I feel incredibly blessed that Dallas has an amazing vegan restaurant. It's called the Spiral Diner, and I freakin love it! I actually discovered it before I was vegan, when my sister, Beth, had the family go there for her birthday lunch two or three years ago. All the food is vegan and organic (unless they absolutely can't get a product in organic). Most of the meal choices are vegan versions of traditional American foods (like bbq sammiches, burgers, or even a brunch of sausage, biscuits n gravy, and tofu scramble), and they are so delicious that all the meat-eaters I've taken love it as well. My two favorites (so far anyway) are the Viva las Migas! and the current special, Vegan Meatloaf. I'll be sad when that special is over.

Tony and I had brunch there this morning. Well, more like lunch... he got a Philly Cheezesteak and I had the Vegan Meatloaf. For dessert we shared a Deathstar Sunday -- a brownie covered in a hot shot of espresso, homemade "I-Scream," and whipped cream om nom nom. Where else can I jazz up my cup of (organic) coffee with soy creamer and irish cream flavored agave nectar? It's a dream come true! And because Tony is such a sweetheart, I still have a Spiral Diner cupcake waiting for me after I digest a little!

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