Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming of the future

So... it's been about 6 months since my last post on here. Between classes, wedding planning, and *cough* World of Warcraft playing... life got pretty busy for a while there. I am Mrs. Evelyn Mara Meyer Steneck as of April 30th. So far marriage has been total bliss. I've never felt so happy and in love! The combination of marriage and uh... being unemployed with a college degree for the past 3 years has got me thinking a lot about the type of future I envision.

My dream for the future constantly changes as I find new influences. The latest inspiration I've found is from this amazing couple, Peter and Juwels (read their blog, The Winnebago Diaries). Besides being the cutest couple ever and making beautiful candles cast from antique bottles (which are beeswax, but I trust this couple probably gets their beeswax from kind sources), they live in a winnebago they refinished and decorated. They live an incredibly sustainable life! I don't think I could stand living in a winnebago, but now I've dialed down my future home ideas from some fancy schmancy green home, to some small place my husband and I can fix up to be eco-friendly and beautiful. I'm so lucky that he does remodeling for a living, so I'll have a pro at my side.

I'd also like to continue narrowing down and healthifying my diet (so healthifying may not be a word, but I likes it!). We currently have lots of Amy's microwave things, Annie Chun's udon soup, Panera, and Chipotle. I've been a lazy wife in lazy summer mode. I feel like food is something that should take time to prepare, and if it doesn't, I should be grabbing a piece of fruit or something. Besides, we got a super sweet Le Creuset dutch oven as a wedding gift that is screaming to be used more often (it's so pretty, thanks Harry!!!). One day I hope I can learn to be a decent enough gardener to grow some of our own food, but that currently scares the shizz out of me. I don't like bugs and dirt and getting smelly and bugs again!

For my future career, I've decided to go into nursing, so I can help and nurture people for a living. Have I mentioned that before? I took biology this past Spring, and in August I start Anatomy and Physiology I; I freakin love biology classes! I'm also going to take a jewelry metals class. The thought of making jewelry is so exciting, especially with my new addiction to rings! I could use recycled metals, and maybe even eventually have my own etsy shop on the side! Mmm, spending money!? Ooh, and the hubs is considering going into firefighting. Sexy! My hero!

Tony and I would love to move someplace we could enjoy the outdoors a bit more, such as Colorado or Portland. I want to spend my free time hiking, rock climbing, and bicycling, while of course keeping to my yoga. For a while, Tony and I took daily walks when he got home from work, but the temperatures in Texas have now reached 100+, bleck.

I promise to post some wedding pics soon!

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