Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Intro to Green Design

As you know, Monday was my mom's birthday. I was supposed to go to my green design class that night, but my family convinced me to email my professor the research I had due and stay home to celebrate with them. The assignment was simply to choose an environmental problem and research it. Shockingly, little vegan me chose factory farming as my topic. I found information on factory farms' excessive use of pharmaceuticals, hormones given to cows, and mainly environmental devastation due to toxic animal waste. I found a great Rolling Stone article on Smithfield (the largest American pig raiser and distributor).

Well! The professor was so intrigued by my research that he waited until today's class to have everyone present their information, and he asked me to go first. I was pretty nervous, but I think I did a decent job of clearing some of the fog about the factory farm system for my classmates. I am still completely stoked that I got the chance to spread knowledge on something I'm so passionate about. It's pretty cool to look around a room of concerned faces hanging on your every word and know your point got through to at least a few.

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