Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LUSH update

I think I did guuuud with my selections yesterday. I got to try out my new things this morning:

I hopped in the shower and picked up my first new item, Karma Komba shampoo. I brushed it across my scalp in a few places, and amazingly it started lathering up. I was not expecting so much lather from a little solid bar! Next was my Jungle conditioner. It smells so good with avocado, banana, figs, and cocoa butter... as does my hair! I followed the instructions on the website, and gently rubbed it from root to tip of my hair. So far, this stuff seems to be working really well for me. I let that sit for a moment while I washed my face with Baby Face. Baby Face (another divinely scented item) uses oils and butters to lift off dirt, so make sure to clean it off with a wet towel if you try it. Then, I rinsed my hair, turned off the water, and hopped out. FIVE MINUTE SHOWER, HURRAY (okay, I kind of forgot to soap up, though)!

After the shower, I lightly spritzed my face with my new Tea Tree Water toner and gently rubbed in a very thin layer of Enzymion face moisturizer. I swear, my face has never felt so soft (or smelled so wonderful). I had to call up Tony and rave: "OH MY GOD DEAR YOU HAVE TO FEEL MY FACE!" Haha, I'm such a nerd. Anyway, it turns out I was probably overly cleaning my face in the past. Previously, I'd get out of the shower and it would be incredibly dry. Throughout the day my skin would try to overcompensate and get too oily. Today it is about 4:30pm and I'm still soft and oil-free! I'm a happy camper.

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