Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My obsession: LUSH

I have no idea why I've not previously posted about LUSH. There's more to being vegan than changing your diet. Many bath and beauty products contain animal products, too (or are tested on animals... or both). I started checking out PETA a while back, and was completely dismayed to find that almost every bath and beauty product I owned contained animal fats (gross!) and was tested on animals. The exceptions were my Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner (though they do have honey), and Bare Minerals makeup (unfortunately their brushes are made from rat hair or something... again, gross!). If you'd like to check PETA's list of animal-friendly or animal-testing companies, go here.

Anyway, I decided I'd search the internet for some vegan shampoos and such. One of the first things I came across was a post about LUSH on Vegan Beauty Review (LOVE that site). I was instantly intrigued looking through their products online, so I found a LUSH store near me and gave it a visit. Mmmmm, that place is seriously heaven. Everything smells so natural and yummy! My favorite scent is karma; it smells kind of like incense (with patchouli, lemongrass, pine, and orange oil). They have all kinds of goodies on which you can easily blow way too much money... trust me.

I've been using their I Love Juicy shampoo and Veganese conditioner for about a month and a half now, and my hair has never felt softer. My hair is super picky, too. Wavy and very fine, it easily gets too dry or too weighed down by most conditioners. I've also been using Karma Kream body lotion (it smells so intoxicatingly good!), a few different LUSH soaps, Happy Hippy both as an occasional shampoo and shower gel, and Aromarant Deodorant (a solid chunk of deodorant that also smells totally amazing with lemon and sandalwood). I'm completely in love with them all!

Today I got to go on a mini Lush shopping spree. I was in dire need of a facial moisturizer, but of course, I did not stop there! In accordance with my new commitment to live a greener life, I decided to try a solid shampoo and conditioner (less packaging + no preservatives + lasts longer). I also picked up a spray facial toner, a new face wash, and one of their bath bombs. Oh, by the way, bath bombs are awesome! You toss one in the bath and it fizzes up and dissolves. A lot of the bombs have cool little things in them that float in the bath, like dried flower petals, too. And of course, they smell delicious!

I can't wait to see how my new purchases work out. My hand smells so great where the store associate tried the face wash and moisturizer on me. I highly recommend LUSH whether you're vegan or not! Oh, one last thing: look for the little green encircled V on the products to signify vegan.

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