Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent Revelation

I have been toying with the idea of giving up drinking for a while now. Currently, I typically have a few glasses of chardonnay over weekends and perhaps a cocktail if we go out, but I realize more and more how crappy it makes me feel both mentally and physically. I don't want to hurt my body or mind, I only get one! Plus, so many empty calories! If I avoid things like sugar and white bread, why ingest high carb drinks that also kill brain cells?

So why haven't I quit? I realized the other day that the main reason I haven't quit is because I'm afraid our friends will think I'm lame, and drinking is something Tony and I have always enjoyed together. Basically peer pressure. What a SHITTY reason. Also, I adore the thought of fun, fancy, fruity cocktails. But you know what, they'd probably taste better without the alcohol. There's no reason you need alcohol to mix up intricate concoctions of fruit juices and herbs. I often think of certain events as "needing" alcohol. Beer and football, the beach and cocktails in coconut shells, family holidays, etc. The last reason is slightly related to the first: I'm shy! Alcohol helps me open up around people. Oh, and I do just plain enjoy the feeling from time to time.

Tomorrow night we're going out to a wine bar, which is something we've been setting up for quite a while. I think I'll let that be my last hurrah, then give up drinking other than maybe champagne at weddings or on New Year's Eve. My sweet Tony assured me the other day when I brought it up that he would never think less of me for not drinking. Maybe I'll handle it like sugar: cut it out completely, so I cut back drastically when/if I start again. I can't promise I'm done for good, but that's the goal!

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