Saturday, August 27, 2011

Responsibly Beautiful

Due to the lack of pretty pictures in my blog lately, I decided to make a collage FULL of pretty things. Yay for Photobucket's EZ Collage feature! (If the picture decides to be lame and not show up, you can click the teeny little box where it should be).


1. Scotch Naturals Watercolors in NEAT: vegan, toxic-free, and pretty much everything-else-free nailpolish (just read about it on their site!)
2. CITYZEN GREEN Justine V in Petal: Naturally dyed 100% organic cotton T
3. Blue Metallic TOMS: they're vegan and TOMS gives a pair to a child in need for every pair bought
4. Marine Blue Sheer Lace Shirt by Minxshop: beautiful shirt handmade by the lovely lady modeling it
5. 31 Bits Robi Necklaces: Made out of recycled paper by women in Uganda
6. Goodsociety Women's Skinny Jeans in Raw: sexy jeans from a fully organic and sustainable company
7. Luckyduct Oxidized Sterling Triangle Earrings: handmade earrings from a talented etsy seller
8. Matt & Nat Ella Bag: Cute vegan bag with a lining made of recycled bottles
9. Bewilder Bra and Darkside Garter Hotshort by Clare Bare: eco-lingerie made of bamboo jersey and vintage mesh hand-dyed with eco dyes

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