Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vegan Starbucks Fare!

I'm great at completely ignoring things... Like all the things in the new displays Starbucks has had up the past few weeks. I noticed the vegan cookies pretty quickly, but meh, they looked dry. I can make tastier cookies myself, I figured. I also noticed the dried fruit. Organic dried mangoes ingredients: organic mangoes. Score! Today, however, I finally noticed the granola. Why didn't I notice it sooner!? Not only is it delicious, IT'S SWEETENED WITH AGAVE INSTEAD OF SUGAR. The little child inside if me is doing backflips right now! The company that makes the granola looks like it got a start similar to a lot of other vegan companies I've read about. One of the owners cured her Multiple Sclerosis with a raw food diet, so she started coming up with raw vegan snacks that her friends and family loved. The end result? The company Two Moms in the Raw, which so far makes sea crackers and granola. While I haven't tried the sea crackers, I gotta say, you MUST try the granola. It's to die for!


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